5 Essential Tips For Traveling and Working

Traveling and working can certainly be a frustrating endeavor. I always imagine the business traveler as jet lagged, sleep deprived, living out of suitcases and rushing around to make their meetings. But it doesn’t have to be this way! If you use these 5 essential tips for traveling and working, you can make your time away from home more efficient and productive, and if you do it right, maybe even fit in some time for some fun.

Never Check A Bag

Not only is it a waste of money, but I guarantee you will not be happy having to wait at baggage claim and trying to find your luggage. There’s also the possibility of your luggage being lost, and lugging a huge suitcase full of your personal belonging through a foreign city is not fun. Instead, pack light and only use carry on bags. It will save you time and money, which is always a win-win!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Unfortunately, we have control over so little when it comes to business travel, and there are a lot of variables with travel that can’t always be accounted for. You can’t control any flight delays that might happen, or what the traffic situation is going to be in the city that you’re flying into. Instead of trying to fly with just enough time to get to your event, it’s better to fly in the night before your event, and have the peace of mind that you don’t have to rush around.

Join Rewards Programs

Even if you are not a frequent business flyer, you still have the opportunity to gain travel rewards points on the flights that you take. By not joining a rewards program, you are leaving many travel rewards points behind. Choose a travel credit card, and earn points to use on hotels, air fare, and car rentals.

Use Programs That Speed Up Travel

So many little details can be taken care of on phones nowadays, and it makes the flying process so much smoother. You can check into your flight early, and apply for the TSA pre check to gain access to get through security and customs faster.

Book Non Stop Flights (when applicable)

Any layover in your flight is going to unnecessarily lengthen your trip. It will most likely add an extra day to your trip, and while it might allow time to work on a few things, it is an inconvenience that can mostly be avoided.

So there you have it! If you follow these essential tips for business travel, you will make the whole experience so much easier on yourself. You won’t portray the image of the tired and hurried business traveler, and will instead have a trip that is less stressful, and hopefully more fun!

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Who Else Wants To Travel?

I get it…

You are a (would-be) wanderer .

You daydream about faraway islands. You inspire a life-changing experience. 

You know you were born to travel all around the world and encounter incredible adventures. 

Then you check your bank balance… 


You are not alone.

The #1 thing that holds people back from traveling is always… MONEY.

No worries. Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t have to win the lottery, either. 

Here are some of the best tried-and-tested travel hacks on “how to travel on a budget”: 

1. Planning

This is one of the most important stages, yet often overlooked by most people. Make sure you come up with a great plan first. Write everything down about flights, accommodations, travel budget, tourist spots, transportation, and so on. 

2. Destinations

Consider travelling to countries whose quality of life is much inferior than ours, such as Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, or Latin America. 

3. Travel during “Off-Peak” (Shoulder season)

Timing is key. 

This is the #1 Golden Rule if you want to travel on a budget. With a little planning and research in advance, you can ensure you avoid high seasons (mostly summer, winter, and holidays) when there are price hikes and tourist swarms. 

4. Flights 

Before you book a flight, you’d better compare ticket prices using flight search websites that scan through all airlines. Don’t forget to check the fine details, such as admin charges, taxes, baggage, and other fees. 

Book flights in advance. Many experienced backpackers often advise, “Book as soon as find the flights you want.” This is because most airlines don’t sell off flights closer to departure. 

When searching for flights online, it’s a great idea to use an incognito window to find the freshest deals. 

5. Accommodations

You don’t always have to stay in a $100/night hotel. 

There are other wallet-friendly accommodation options such as hostels, AirBnB, and CouchSurfing. 

This can give you 3 benefits: 

  • Halve the price
  • Offer you the opportunity to meet more people
  • Allow you an authentic snapshot of real life in the city 

6. Your Kit 

Make sure you bring with you everything you need so that you don’t have to shop while you’re away. It’s advised to bring at least a pair of long jeans, waterproof jacket, first-aid kits/medicines, and warm clothes for unpredictable incidents and weather changes. 

7. Public Transports 

Riding taxis or tourist buses all the time isn’t a good idea if you are on a tight travel budget. Research thoroughly about all the public transportation options in the city. 

Use a public transport (train or local bus) if you can. I know this might seem a little scary… but if the locals do it, why can’t you too? 

You’ll enjoy it!

8. Don’t Eat Away Your Cash

Choose supermarkets or local fresh food markets over overpriced restaurants or cafes. Forget about boutiques, or duty-free stores. 

Cut back on the alcohol as much as you can. Both your wallet and waistline will thank you for that. 

Don’t mind about souvenirs. Value experiences and adventures. 

Last Note: 

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive at all. 

With the hacks you discovered today, you can still roam all around the world and achieve the best experiences possible without having to worry about your bill for the next month! 

Now, it’s time to go out there and quench your wanderlust!…

The laptop lifestyle: Work & Travel at the same time

What is your normal work day? Do you wake up with barely enough time to get ready before you go to work? Do you sit at a desk all day, inside a cubicle? Maybe you have a window, if your lucky, that looks out onto the street.

Now imagine, if you will, waking up and seeing the gorgeous view of a beach right outside your window. Or maybe some mountains, if that’s more your style. For people who are living the “laptop lifestyle,” this is very much a reality for them. This type of lifestyle may not be for everyone, it’s not like working a 9 to 5. But for those that can overcome that hurdle, the pros far outweigh the cons.

For those that have put in the work to create a source of income through the internet, they are not tied to one location. They can literally go anywhere, as long as they can get a decent internet connection. This means they can work AND have fun. That means they can stay in areas with breathtaking views, sample the finest cuisine that a region has to offer, and learn about the culture and history. They can experience the world, all while still working and making a living.

The drawback to this sort of lifestyle is that it can be hard for people to find the happy medium between work and play. Deadlines still need to be met, so it takes a person that can truly be there own boss and make sure that the work gets done. The other thing to consider is the fact that unless you have clients that pay you a monthly retainer, you won’t necessarily be getting the steady paycheck that you would from a normal job. That means that you need to make sure that you have enough money coming in to not only pay for your travels, but any other bills you might have.

The laptop lifestyle isn’t an easy one by any means. It is still work, and it’s tricky to find the happy medium. But for those that have the willpower and the wherewithal to succeed, this type of life is truly rewarding and gratifying.…

To travel or not to travel?

To travel or not to travel. This is the question that you should ask. There are many people that are wondering if it is a great idea to travel abroad for the first time. It can be a really hard decision to decide if you should travel or rather use the money for something else. When you are answering these questions, you will have a better idea if you should travel, or if you should not travel at all.

Do you have enough money in your budget?

The most important question to ask. Do you have enough money in your budget to start planning your trip to a foreign country? You don’t want to go to another country that you don’t know anything or anyone without having enough money in your budget.

It is much better to save for a couple of months and making sure that you rather bring money back home, than when you are stuck in a foreign country without a cent on your name. 

Do you have the personality to travel solo and to meet new people? 

Not everyone has the right personality for traveling. Especially, when you are thinking about traveling solo and meeting new people. What type of personality do you have? Are you one of those people that are always the center of attention? Or, are you one of those people that doesn’t like being spotted? 

The introvert isn’t really a great candidate for traveling solo and meeting new people. He will not be able to meet new people at all. 

Does traveling take time? Do you have a couple of months free?

If you think that you can travel to a foreign country in a week or two, then you should think again. Yes, you might visit a country for a short period, but you will not be able to experience everything you want to see.

When you truly want to learn more about another country, you should make sure that you are taking a couple of months off from work. To make sure that you are getting to experience as much as possible. 

To travel or not to travel. With these questions answered, you will be able to decide if you want to travel abroad or not. Travelling isn’t for everyone, but if you are traveling for the first time, this is something that you will do over and over again. This is an experience that you will never forget.